When you transition from working solo for many years, into a team, you start to wonder what your band, group, or team name should be.  In general, the names "media, productions, or studios" tend to come to mind. But we didn't want that in our name. We wanted something different. We didn't want the name to sound clinical without any soul to it.  Previously my company name was Vidrios Imaging & Sound. Vidrios because it's all about the glass. Well that's what lenses or the plural form of glass means. In Spanish at least.  We shortened the "Imaging & Sound" portion to "I.S." So this is what it looked like, "Vidrios I.S." My wife, once said about the name, "Vidriosis sounds like a disease." I responded, "the disease is the addiction to glass." She didn't find it amusing. I knew there was no depth to the name. Then one day Calvin and I came together and rebranded the company. 

Our name came about one night when I had the privilege of attending a screening of the documentary, #standwithme, in a Georgetown theater in Washington, DC. This powerful story was produced by Patrick Moreau along with his storytelling powerhouse, Stillmotion. I saw a 9-year-old have a goal of freeing 500 children from slavery in different parts of the world which left me with a smile. It all started with a lemonade stand and an idea that became a reality for her. 

Most stories like this end with a screen that goes to black and give you a chilling statistic and then you feel horrible going home with no sense of hope. While this film surely gave the statistics, it left you feeling empowered and optimistic for the future. If one girl and her family can do this, what can we do? 

I looked at my wife and said, "These are the types of stories I want to tell, every scene is alive!"  While the credits were rolling I looked up the name "Scene Alive" and saw it was available as a domain name. I bought it immediately. 

I called Calvin that night and told him about the name and from that moment on "Scene Alive" was born. 

We want to tell powerful stories that move, that teach, that inspire and have a soul.  The scenes of this world are filled with wonder and life all around us. It may be the entrepreneur realizing her dreams, the mailman doing what he does best or the homeless person on the street. We just have to open our eyes. The scenes in front of us are alive. More importantly God is very much alive and He's given us the amazing opportunity to tell incredible stories. 

 By Eduardo Gonzalez